To be the first team to turn your cards over.


To play Bonco you need the following at each table:

To start play, the dealer at each table distributes all of the cards out evenly. The leader waits for everyone to arrange their cards before announcing the start of the round.

Playing a turn:

Once you turn all of your cards over, you continue to roll and start turning your partner's cards over. After both you and your partner have turned over all of your team's cards, yell "Bonco" to stop this session.


At the end of the session most teams will have cards that are face up. These cards count towards their score. Add the team's cards using the face value of each card. Record this session's score and move to the next table for the next session.

End Game:

The leader will determine how many sessions will be played prior to starting the first session. The person that has the lowest score overall is the winner.