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Pony Conasta

Pony conasta consists of creating groups of seven cards of the same type. When playing with 2 or 4 players, use four desks of poker cards including the jokers. When playing with 6 players, use six desks of cards.

To start play, one team deals all hands consisting of eleven cards and foots consisting of seven cards.


Must make 6 conastas (book of seven or more cards) and play all cards to go out for 100 points

1 of sevens worth 2000 ( contains no wilds )
1 of wilds worth 1500 ( contains jokers or 2s )
3 of naturals worth 500 each ( contains no wilds )
1 of spoiled worth 300 each ( contains upto 3 wilds )

Playing a turn:

  1. To start your turn, you must either draw or pickup from the discard pile.
    • If you draw, take two cards from the draw pile.
    • If you pickup from the discard, you must have two cards in your hand that match the top discard. Take the two cards from your hand and the top discard to start or add to an unfinished conasta. If you are "going down" for the first time, you cannot use the remaining two discards to count for "going down".
  2. Lay down any cards to form conastas. There must be a minimum of three cards in a group to start a conasta. After a conasta has been completed, you may add cards of the same type to the conasta. Example: If you have a conasta of 5s, you may add more 5s to the conasta. You may not have more than seven 7s or wilds in your 7s conasta or wild conasta.
  3. Discard one card to the discard pile leaving at least one card in your hand.

At any time during your turn, you may lay down a red three. At that time, draw a card from the pickup pile to replace the red three. If your team happens to play all 8 red threes, the value of the red threes double to 200 points a piece for a total of 1600 points.

"Going Down":

The first time going down, you must have a certain number of points. Use the following chart to determine what that amount is. If in the process of going down you create a natural or spoiled conasta, the value of the conasta counts for "going down". For example, if your score is above 15000, you need 150 points or more to "go down". On your turn, you lay down seven 10s. The seven 10s add up to 70 points and with the value of the conasta, the value of "going down" totals 570.

Score"Going down"
0 thru 499960
5000 thru 999990
10000 thru 14999120
above 15000150


Determine your teams "basis" by adding the value of your conastas and your red threes. Then add the face value of the cards laid down minus the cards remaining in your hand.

Face ValuePoints
Red 3s100
Black 3s5
4 thru 75
8 thru K10
2 & A20

End Game:

The first team to reach 20000 points at the end of a hand is declared the winner. If both teams achieve more than 20000 points, the team with the highest score is the winner. If the teams are tied, the team that went out on the last hand is the winner.

Special Rules:

  • When starting your turn with picking up cards from the discard, there must be at least three cards in the discard pile.
  • You may use two wilds (either 2s or wilds) to pickup a wild on the discard pile. However, you may not use a wild with a natural card to pickup a natural card from the discard pile.
  • You cannot have more wilds in a grouping than natural cards.
  • You must have permission from your partner(s) before ending the hand.
  • You cannot end the hand by discarding a seven.