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“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among

those with whom He is pleased!”

Luke 2:14



Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!!  We pray that the peace and hope of tis season will fill your hearts and minds as we celebrate the birth of Christ, who is Emmanuel, God with us!


Once again it is time to update you all on our doings for the past year.   Sometimes I stop myself and think, “Really, isn't it a bit arrogant to think anyone would want to know what I was doing all year?”  However, I remember how much I enjoy reading the letters we receive from all of you, and so I persist in writing this letter each year! 


We have had a very busy year!  We are getting more involved in our church, and at school, our kids keep us running, and I (Alecia) having been working more than ever, especially this fall.



Travis had another good year at SDN.  He is also still playing racquetball on a regular basis.  Early this year he played in a tournament here in Sioux Falls, and got the opportunity to play in a Pro/Am game, and he was partnered with the top ranked professional racquetball player in the world.  Needless to say, that was a big highlight for him!  He also won one of the divisions he was entered in.  He just returned from another hunting trip – again supplying us with deer meat for the year.


I am still technically a stay-at-home Mom, except I feel like I'm never at home!  I have been blessed to add quite a few new piano students this year, and as most of them are homeschooled, I can teach those lessons while my kids are at school.  I have also been subbing in the area schools a LOT more than last year – I subbed more days in the month of October, than I did the entire second semester last year!  While the extra income is always a blessing, being so busy is an adjustment for all of  us.  I also started working 2 Saturdays a month for a scrapbooking store here in Sioux Falls.  While I miss being at home on those Saturdays, I do have to say that I love working there – my co-workers are great, and getting to spend all day surrounded by awesome scrapbooking supplies, well it really doesn't get much better!  I am currently subbing full time for the elementary music teacher at Sioux Falls Christian as she deals with some health issues, and will be subbing for the handbells teacher from January to March. 


As I did last year, I'm going to let my kids speak for themselves:


Carolyn:   Hey everybody!  How's it going?  I'm doing fine.  Some of you may not know that I got my learner's permit this year.  That means I can drive legally, so stay off the sidewalks!  :)  My mom says that if I get ready fast enough in the mornings I can drive to school.  I'm going to try to drive every day!  I am now the tallest girl in the family and almost the tallest in my extended family.  Last summer I went to Dordt Discovery Days again and made some really great new friends.  I also made a good friend at church camp.  Unfortunately, they aren't very close so I don't get to see them very often.  I'm in high school now.  I like it so far.  My favorite classes are art and band.  Our band is taking a trip to Branson, MO this spring.  I'm excited about that.  Also, I joined a group at my school that goes to a reservation here in South Dakota (Rosebud) once a month.  This last time we took along coats and other winter gear for the kids there.   And that's pretty much what I did this year.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Nicole:  I am 10 years old and I'm in 5th grade.  My teacher is probably the best teacher for 5th graders.  I'm playing the french horn in band.  It is very hard, but I'm doing pretty good. (That is what Mom says, anyway!)  I just got glasses and everyone thinks that they are pretty and I like them, too.  I got to go horse-back riding for my birthday this year – that was soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started catechism at church this year and I also got to start going to youth group, which is really fun.  I still love to do crafts and I really, really enjoy drawing.   During the summer we went to Omaha and we saw the zoo and the wild life park, and swam in our hotel pool a lot!  It was really fun!  I still play cello in the local youth orchestra.  I was first chair for the first concert!  See you next year!


Nathan:  I am in Kindergarten this year.  I like it a lot!  I have lots of new friends.  My class made gingerbread houses for Christmas!  I also played soccer this fall.  My team was called the Boilermakers.  I'm really good at stopping the other team from scoring.  My dad says I play smart!  I like LEGOS, Star Wars, learning about animals from the Wild Kratts show on PBS, superheroes,  and playing games with my dad.  Mom says I have to stop growing for awhile so she can stop buying me new clothes all the time.  After Christmas I get to start going to school every day, which will be really cool!  Bye for now!



Well, now you are caught up with the Rayhons crew for another year!  Have a blessed holiday season, and stop by anytime you are in our neck of the woods!!! 


Merry Christmas!


The Rayhons

Travis, Alecia, Carolyn, Nicole, and Nathan